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Wrecking Houses and Small Commercial Buildings 1959-1965
The Forum Building 1965
Southwest Cracker Building 1965
Bricks Men's Wear 1965
Motor Equipment Building 1966
Maize High School 1967
Rose Hill High School 1967
Wichita Police Dept. Garage 1967
Koch Oil Building 1968
Riverside Boat House 1968
Western Lithograph 1972
Pawnee Drive In 1972
Municipal Pool, Riverside Park 1972
Miller Theater 1973
Northern Building 1973
Jefferson Hotel 1973
54 Drive In 1973
Coronado Hotel 1974
Furniture Warehouse 1974
Dolese Brothers Plant 1974
Wichita Stockyards 1975
Wichita Business College 1975
Wichita Police Dept. 1976
Kaupan School 1976
Civic Theater 1977
OK Transfer Building 1978
Salvation Army Building 1978
Ralston Purina Plant 1979
Santa Fe Railroad Roundhouse 1979
American Red Cross Building 1979
Continental Trailways Bus Garage 1981
Southwest Grease Complex 1982
Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant 1983
Kamen Iron 1983
Western Foundry 1983
Meadowlark Drive In 1985
Lassen Hotel, Interior Demolition 200,000sf 1985
Derby Building 1985
Kamen Supply 1986
Looking Glass Rest Area Vinita Oklahoma 1987
Phillips 66 Stations Will Rogers Turnpike, Miami OK. 1987
Southwestern Bell Building 50,000sf 1988
Southwest Transfer Building 75,000sf 1988
Sedgwick County Jail Facility Interior Demolition 1989
Ohse Foods Boiler House Stack Demo 200ft tall 1989
Ohse Foods Building Demolition 175,000sf 1989
MCAFB Barracks Housing II Building Complex 11 barracks 1989
Cross-town East Shopping Center 340,000sf 1989
St. Joseph Hospital, Pediatrics Interior Demolition 150,000sf 1990
B-G Products Demolition 1991
Midtown Holiday Inn 120,000sf 1991
Science Lab Wichita State University 1991
Cleanup Of Tornado Damage in Kansas 1991-92
Macy's/lnnes Building Interior Demolition 250,000sf 1992
Coleman Plant Demolition 1 Square Block 1993
Kansas Dept. of Transportation Yard Demo 1993
Rule Building 100,000sf 1993
Kansas Health Foundation Building Demo 30,000sf 1993
Kansas Masonic Home Infirmary 75,000sf 1995
Crescent Apartments 50,000sf 1995
Allis Hotel Demolition 17 stories 250,000sf 1995
Wichita Mid Continent Airport Taxiway Demo 200,000sf 1995
Wichita Mid Continent Airport East Runway Demo 1.5millionsf 1996
McConnell Cape Hart Housing Complex Demo 90 Houses 1996
15 miles of I-35 Concrete Removal, Harvey County Ks. 1998
Southwestern Bell Building/Ryan Aviation 1998
Omega Furniture Shopping Center 180,000sf 1998
Tornado Damage Cleanup SG county 1999
Sedgwick County Courthouse Interior Demolition 50,000sf 1999
Keen Kutter Interior Demolition 100,000sf 1999
Albertsons Interior Demolition 80,000sf Seneca/31st 1999
Albertsons Interior Demolition 80,000sf Harry/Georgetown 2000
St. Joseph Hospital Complex 200,000sf 2000
Nationally Historic Eaton Hotel Strip-Out 200,000sf 2000
Steg Hall Wichita State University 150,000sf 2000
Federal Courthouse Interior Demolition 60,000sf 2000
St. Mary's Hospital Garden City Ks. 220,000sf 2000
Wesley Hospital Annex Demolition 300,000sf 2000
Dillon's Interior Demolition 65,000sf Harry/Webb 2000
KG&E Cooling Towers 2000

City of Russell Ks. Power Plant 55,000sf 2001
Ark City Meat Packing Plant 300,000sf 2001
Wesley Hospital Motor Inn 50,000sf 2001
Cooling Tower Demolition, University of Iowa, Ames Iowa 2001
Newton Hospital Demolition 200,000sf 2001
McPherson College Building Demolition 50,000sf 2002
Coleman Plant Demolition 2 blocks 350,000sf 2002
McConnell AFB Ammo Bunkers 2002
McConnell AFB Barracks Buildings 2002
Henrys Dept Store Towne East 60,000sf 2002
Mercy Hospital, Fort Scott Ks 250,000sf 2003
Via Christi Laundry Demolition 75,000sf 2003
City Of Wichita Demolition Contract 2003
Winona Middle School Demo. Winona Minnesota 300,000sf 2003
Dick's Sporting Goods Towne West 50,000sf 2003
St. Joseph/Via Christi Nursing Campus Demo 350,000sf 2004
Cargill Storage Silo Demo Newton Kansas 2004
Washington School 2004
Home Depot Interior Demolition/Gainesville Texas 2004
Enterprise School 2004
USD 259 School Board Demo Contract 2004-Present
SRS State Office Building 200,000sf 2005
Demolition of 25 houses for B-G Products 2005
Main Library Kansas Newman College 2005
Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi Hurricane Cleanup 2005
Watkins Steel Factory 120,000sf 2006
Pratt Ks. High School 2006
Boiler Demolition Via Christi Hospital 2006
Chiller Demolition Via Christi Hospital 2006
Kansas Air National Guard McConnell AFB Interior Demo 2006
Laundry Chute Demolition Via Christi 2007
Dillion's Interior Demolition Rock/Central 80,000sf 2007
Carlson School Demolition Wichita KS 2007
McConnell AFB Housing Demolition 76 Homes 2007
Demo 19 buildings for Downtown Wichita Arena SG CTY 2007-08
Checkers/Big Lots Demolition 90,000sf 2007-08
Northrock 6 Interior Demolition 2007-08
Cessna Interior Demolition Data Center 2007-08
Ruffin Properties/JC Penny Bldg Downtown Wichtia 75,000sf 2008
Horizon Milling 10 Story Multi Silo Demolition 2008
Kmart East Kellogg Demolition 100,000sf 2008
Dillon's Grocery Store Harry/Edgemoor Demolition 60,000sf 2009
BG Products Warehouse 250,000sf Demolition 2009
Ken Mar Shopping Center E. Central 88,000sf Demolition 2011
Coleman Co. Main Plant Multi Story Demolition 175,000sf 2011
Albertsons S. Seneca Demolition 60,000sf 2011
Cessna Flight Safety Demolition 60,000sf 2011
Douglas Place/Ambassador 121,000sf Interior Demo 2011-12
USD 259 Demo 30 Houses for North High Expansion 2011-12
13th Street Corridor Expansion 22 House Demolition 2011-12
Player Piano Interior Demolition (Historic Registry) 2012
Isley Elementary Demolition 60,000sf 2012
Spaght/Ingalls Demolition 90,000sf 2012
Central Branch YMCA Demolition 90,000sf 2012
City of Wichita Demolition Contract 2012
MAFB Housing - 70 houses - 2012
Wichita Mall Interior Demo 40,000sf - 2013
Scholfield GMC - 2013
City of Wichita Demo Contract - 2013
MAFB Kansas Air National Guard - 2013
Kansas Star Casino Interior Demo - 2013
Twin Lakes Sear Automotive Demo & parking garage - 2014
USD 259 Contract - 2014
City of Wichita Contract - 2014
MAFB Hanger KC135 Tanker Hanger Demo & 7 buildings - 2014
Boeing Tank Removal 2-60,000 JP8 fuel tank removal - 2014
Lerner Building Demo - 2015
Michigan Building 106 yrs old 6 stories - 2015
Bitting Building interior demo 90,000sf - 2015
Exchange Place interior demo 180,000sf - 2015-16
Derby Middle School Demo 40,000sf - 2016

Commercial, Residential, Industrial Demolition
Complete or partial structure Demolition
Selective Demolition for facility renovation
Controlled Explosives Blasting Work & Design
Site Decontamination
Facility Decommissioning
Asset Management and Recovery
Highway and Bridge Demolition
Concrete Cutting and Removal
Excavation and Grading
Utility Installation
Hazardous Waste Removal
Recycling and industrial processing
Residential and Commercial Asbestos Abatement Mold & Lead Remediation
Hydraulic Crane Work 50-100 ton, Demolition Crane Work 50-75 ton.
Contract Hauling, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. 26ft, 30ft & 42ft Demolition Dump Trailers
Roll Off Waste Container Services 15, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Cubic Yard.

Our Customer Satisfaction Goal
It is the goal of Bradburn Wrecking Company to provide services from the most efficient, best trained, knowledgeable, and safety conscious personnel in the demolition industry. Requests for quotations, information or clarifications will be handled in a prompt, professional and customer oriented manner at no cost. You can be assured of the most comprehensive work plan executed throughout to maintain your project schedules. We strive to exceed your every expectation.

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Environmental Statement
Bradburn Wrecking Company Inc. is committed to the laws and regulations with the highest regard towards environmental protection. Before work begins on any project a pre-bid assessment is conducted to insure that all areas dealing with environmental issues are thoroughly investigated. Bradburn Wrecking Company will develop a complete plan to assure all necessary parties or agencies will meet or exceed current environmental issues and safety requirements for the government, the public and our own working personnel.
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