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A leader in the demolition industry for close to 60 years. Three generations of growth and success since the mid 1950's. It's what's behind every one of our projects.
- Complete or partial structure demolition
- Selective demolition for facility renovation
- Controlled Explosives Blasting Work & Design
- Site decontamination
- Facility decommissioning
- Asset management and recovery
- Highway and bridge demolition
- Concrete cutting and removal
- Excavation and grading
- Utility installation
- Hazardous waste removal
- Recycling and industrial processing

Commercial Demolition
BWCI can provide demolition of any size commercial building or complex. Whether it be a high rise office building, or a multiple acre facility BWCI will remove all debris fast and efficiently, on budget and on time.

Residential Demolition
BWCI can provide demolition of houses whether it be one or hundreds in a group to clear an area for new construction or new facilities of any kind. Whether it be from fire damage, natural disaster, or new development we can handle the complete site clearing including trees, concrete drives, and walks.

Selective Demolition
BWCI can provide the dismantlement of a specific structure or equipment that does not involve bringing down the entire structure. Which can include, but is not limited to, the removal of exterior/interior equipment, walls, floors and ceilings.

Concrete/Asphalt Demolition
BWCI can provide site paving demolition of concrete or asphalt, also concrete or wall cutting/sawing. Whether it be 200 square feet, 2 million square feet, or 20 miles of Highway.

Industrial Demolition
Industrial plant strip-outs have become a specialty to BWCI In many cases it is imperative that these projects are completed on time or ahead of schedule. While these time constraints are important, safety is never compromised. BWCI has completed many of these strip-out projects for automotive, energy, chemical, foundries and mills.

Institutional Demolition
As a prime contractor or hired as a demolition subcontractor. BWCI has completed a list of projects for various Schools, University's, Churches and Local, State Municipalities.

Controlled Demolition
BWCI has the ability to use explosive or non-explosive techniques when controlling a fall of a certain structure. When conditions are present for this particular project, BWCI has the capability to bring down a structure within a controlled perimeter. This can be accomplished using implosion on a multi-story building or through tight spot tipping on silos, smoke stacks, large antenna's and water towers. The highest degree of calculated precision is used when bringing down these structures, without risk to personnel or damage to the surrounding structures or properties.

Site Clearing & Excavation
Total site reclamation can be obtained by the clearing of all hazardous and contaminated material, along with the removal of underground storage tanks, leaving the site ready for new construction or use.

Emergency Response
BWCI will coordinate with Federal Agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) or any Insurance Group as needed. BWCI will respond to any disaster ranging from Tornadoes, Fires, Hurricanes and Earthquakes or Crime Scenes that deal with arson and collapsed multi-story buildings that fell due to disaster.

Critical Lift/Pick
Critical lift/pick is carefully designed through the combination of structural engineers and the use of precisely the right equipment. The customer (owner) may request to salvage a portion of the project for possible reuse in the future. BWCI will carefully access and implement a controlled reverse construction process. Helicopter air lifts, man lifts, sky tracks and cranes are typical pieces of equipment used to dismantle.

Tank Removal
The proper safety check list is always followed when decommissioning storage tanks. This will prevent any damage to the environment and safeguard any risk to the public or BWCI's own working personnel. Types of tanks would include petroleum, chemical, and water either underground or above ground.

Mechanical & Electrical Demolition
BWCI can provide any mechanical and electrical demolition. Removal of older services, abandoned units, HVAC, ductwork, boiler and chiller removal, cooling towers, piping and supply lines.

Commercial, Residential, Industrial Demolition
Complete or partial structure Demolition
Selective Demolition for facility renovation
Controlled Explosives Blasting Work & Design
Site Decontamination
Facility Decommissioning
Asset Management and Recovery
Highway and Bridge Demolition
Concrete Cutting and Removal
Excavation and Grading
Utility Installation
Hazardous Waste Removal
Recycling and industrial processing
Residential and Commercial Asbestos Abatement Mold & Lead Remediation
Hydraulic Crane Work 50-100 ton, Demolition Crane Work 50-75 ton.
Contract Hauling, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. 26ft, 30ft & 42ft Demolition Dump Trailers
Roll Off Waste Container Services 15, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Cubic Yard.

Our Customer Satisfaction Goal
It is the goal of Bradburn Wrecking Company to provide services from the most efficient, best trained, knowledgeable, and safety conscious personnel in the demolition industry. Requests for quotations, information or clarifications will be handled in a prompt, professional and customer oriented manner at no cost. You can be assured of the most comprehensive work plan executed throughout to maintain your project schedules. We strive to exceed your every expectation.

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Environmental Statement
Bradburn Wrecking Company Inc. is committed to the laws and regulations with the highest regard towards environmental protection. Before work begins on any project a pre-bid assessment is conducted to insure that all areas dealing with environmental issues are thoroughly investigated. Bradburn Wrecking Company will develop a complete plan to assure all necessary parties or agencies will meet or exceed current environmental issues and safety requirements for the government, the public and our own working personnel.
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